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In the Era of Startup, we’ve listened lots of success stories and their journey from scratch, but till now we’ve never met or got familiar with the person who was once a driver, and then from driver how Ritesh Soni can start and channelise spots for transportation for people like us and how it became talk of the town...of course it took time, but with consistent efforts towards our task and by focusing on current situations, with having a vision to create brighter future for family and to give best transportation service, A Driver can also be a passionate Entrepreneur and can give employments to 300+ Drivers at a time..But How??? Let’s heard  directly from him.


“After getting married, I’d got job as a driver and drove taxi for a year and got served to across india and found different people at different states and got to know their particular requirements ” he said. By adding, “ Adding value, delivering more than extra at every point of time and catching the trends of our industry in the essential part of any business, that one should not missed at all. Take time to serve and help others. My focus on my early businesses led to just me, me, me. This was a lonely experience and it negatively affected me and my businesses.”


Starting a company is hard, growing one is hard and running a one is hard. Doing this day in and day out can be tiresome. Sometimes I feel like I'm not winning or getting anywhere.Many people celebrate the big wins (when the needle really moves), but what about the small wins?

Recognizing small victories can boost your morale and provide a surge of energy. They may alleviate the stress that can drag you down. Fun times help you recognize successes even if they aren't earth-shattering. They provide you with the motivation to keep going.

I've since changed and now continually make time for others. I look for opportunities to assist people and serve by cab7taxi. This not only makes me feel better about myself but it helps my business. Karma may exist -- or not -- but definitely more businesses and people are drawn to you when you help them.

In your short-term plan, identify small wins to celebrate. Avoid the notion that you have to land some fantastic, outstanding client or reach thousands of customers before celebrating. Rejoice over the first customer or transaction or over squashing a minor coding bug in a few days. Revel in the moment of pushing through three months.

Don't expect anything in return. The act has to come from the heart and be completely selfless. Sometimes people you've helped will help you. Other times they will not. No matter what, keep helping and making the time to provide a favor -- or two or 10.

Make plans, but stick to the short-term and near future. I now like to plan for six months or a year ahead, depending on the venture. I also do not waste valuable time drafting plans that could be overwritten as circumstances change. Now, I am committed to provide unmatched service to my guests and very soon we will revolutionise transportation service.