Gujarat is the land of legends and is home in the northwestern part of India. It borders with Rajasthan and Pakistan. The state is near to Arabian Sea covers the state from the south to the west. The state got its name from the early inhabitants called the Gujjars, who was the ruling people since 700’s. The history of Gujarat dates back to the origin of the Gujjar Rashtra, they were the oldest clans living in the then Bharat.

The community of Gujjars came from Central Asia and reached India in the first century. Earlier, the state was inhabited by the Indus and Harappan civilizations. The entire place was fortified by the Lothal and Dholavira excavations. Moreover, the firm and strong historical backdrop of Gujarat makes it one of the developed and eminent states in India today. The rich culture is innate and there are imprints of Mughals, Maurays, Guptas, and Solankis.

All in all, whoever ruled the state of Gujjar and now Gujarat have brought a lot of cultural infusion. Moreover, they have accentuated the development of monuments, started traditional practices. Later, with passing time, the state has been welcoming Parsis and they remained under the influence of the Mughals.

There were great souls who participated in the freedom struggle like KK Munshi, Mahadev Desai and Ravi Shankar. They preached brotherhood, non-violence and patriotism among the native Indians. Soon after independence, Gujarat was a part of Maharashtra and only in 1 May 1960, Gujarat received statehood. The very first capital was Ahmedabad and till date it has become one of the best cities in the country. As a whole Gujarat is making a lot of differences and became leading producer of many farm products.

The history of the state is somewhat imbibed in the British and Mughals period. They have played crucial role in keeping the essence of the region alive.The political leaders of Gujarat has developed the state to a great extent today. Moreover, the proper function of the tourism department has made it one of the most sought after destinations in the country.