Gujarat is a western state having rich heritage and history. It is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and our new India Prime Minister. There are so many wonders of Gujarat that makes the state an amazing and alluring tourist destinations of India. With what we call tourism, the state has developed its potential to a great extent and now welcomes thousands of tourists every year. If you can book the right Gujarat tourism package then you trip will be a worthy one and you can we will make sure it is memorable forever.

Travel Itenary

Day 1: Travel to Ahmedabad-Lothal-Velavadar National Park to Bhavnagar (210 km)
With a four hours journey you will first reach Lothal and Velvedar. After roaming these two places, you can set out for Bhavnagar. Upon your arrival you can visit the Takhteshwar temple situated on a hilltop and stay in the city for a night.

Day 2: Travel from Bhavnagar to Palitana (130 km)
Early morning, set out for Palitana from Bhavnagar. There you can witness temples and get to roam the Shretrunjaya Hill. For the evening, you can visit Jain Museum and Handicraft market of the small town. Come to Bhavnagar by night.

Day 3: Travel to Telaja-Diu from Bhavnagar (200 km)
Love beaches? Gujarat doesn't disappoints you as Diu is the finest beach of the state. From Bhavnagar, travel via Telaja and reach Diu. Get into a hotel, and then laze around the beach to relax yourself. Stay on the beachside hotel at night and enjoy the nightlife.

Day 4: Diu
The next morning, enjoy the wide variety of sports facilities available at Nagoa Beach. Later in the evening, you can visit St. Paul's Church, Diu Fort, Diu Museum and have exquisite beach cuisine.

Day 5: Travel from Diu to Sasangir (130 km)
The next day travel to Sasangir which is not so far and will take around 2.5 hours. It is the home of the Asiatic Lion. Check in at the hotel and after a bit of rest, set out to visit the Gir Interpretation Zone called the Devalaya. Halt for the night and them you can go for the optional tour to Somnath temple, it is approximately 90 kms and reach there without any excess payment.

Day 6: Travel from Sasangir to Junagadh and Gondal (140 km)
Straight from Sasangir you can get a safari ride to the Gir National park, and then spend the time there. Then you can travel to Gondal via Junagarh. After you have reached the latter city, you can enjoy visiting Ashok Rock, Uperkot Fort and the popular Junagadh Museum. Then travel to Gondal and stay the famous Gondal Palace.

Day 7: Travel from Gondal to Rann of Kutch (200 km)
Takes for about 4 hours to reach Rann of Kutch, it is an amazing place which will give you unforgettable memories of your life. On the arrival, you can visit the Classic and Vintage Car Museum and Navlakha Palace. Upon arrival you can stay at desert camps or safaris as the locals call at the Little Rann of Kutch. Have a happy stay and enjoy the night at the desert.

Day 8: Travel from Little Rann of Kutch to Ahmedabad (100 km)
From Kutch you can return to Ahmedabad and by afternoon you will safely reach your destination.

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